21 March, 2012

Third Year of University (And general thoughts)...

This blog has been inactive for some time; and I realise how much I want to get it active; up and running so I can share everything with people out there so I can find myself again and talk with the world. I realised I want this blog to become more than just your bog-standard 'beauty blog'; I'm too much of a chatterbox and thinking for it to become all about the pretty and less about the thoughts behind me as a person.

Here I am finding comfort in my blog; the perils of third year university has finally kicked in and it's literally everything people say it is; not much of a life. It's scary how second to third year has jumped up a notch... people always go on about how 'GCSE' to 'A-Level' is such a huge jump and I didn't find it intimidating in the slightest (Mind you, I went to sixth form... maybe that had something to do with it). First to second year of university wasn't that bothersome for me either - I found first year quite challenging because I was doing a general business course (as a foundation for my degree) rather than 'marketing'... but I got there and I made it to third year!

I have about two months of University left and since 2012 I've had so much university work... I don't even realise that it's hit 2012 and I keep writing 2011 everywhere (when citing in my essays even!). Deadlines are all mushed together in third year and you HAVE to keep on top of your work otherwise you'll just break down and have too much to do... not even joking - but if you're a natural hard worker then it will be OK - you just realise that you need a wad of -post-it notes to organise your life and write a new 'To-Do' list everyday! I have a lot of junk of my wall but this is the cleared up ('ish) version:

Easter break is approaching and I'm looking forward to relaxing (for strictly a week only, of course). I think I need to keep blogging to make sure I give time for myself and spend time on this blog so I don't lose my sanity.


29 November, 2011

HOLY GRAIL: MAC Lovelorn (Lustre)

Hi girls! I know it's long time no see but I'm back because I have a lipstick I want to share with you all that I love more than any other that I own.

First, just let me say that I know there is a trend for 'holy grail' products lying around somewhere or 'products you can't live without' but I have so many I never actually ever thought about it much. I have products I like to use and simply, products that I don't; I switch it up quite a bit.  But if there's one thing I am a sucker for, it's lipsticks. You can probably tell by my banner above that I have lots of MAC lipsticks that I enjoy, but I don't really 'love'.

That's my problem with MAC lipsticks, I like them but they're usually hit or miss due to consistency or colour usually. This one lipstick however, I have loved since the day I purchased it is called Lovelorn by MAC which is a Lustre finish.

Why I like it:
 I have pigmented lips, but this pink is opaque enough to give adequate colour pay off. (The picture above is  a very subtle application that is buildable).

 It is incredibly moisturising lipstick that retains colour and stays on - everything I want from a lipstick! I have a problem with my dry lips and I find other MAC lipsticks make my lips drier most of the time (anyone else get this?). So this lipstick caught me off guard! For this reason I can slap on this lipstick without a mirror, it doesn't require much effort.

 Versatility - I wear this during the day to make a boring white/black t-shirt outfit more chic and it just pulls my look together.  I find myself reaching for this lipstick on night outs also because the pink looks cute with my gold/silver accessories; it just seems to compliment everything I wear

 Shade and Tone of Pink - Other pink lipsticks I have tried are Angel/Creme cup/Pink Nouveau (Reviews coming) that I find are too 'barbie-pink' for me. Angel and Creme Cup are other lipsticks that are just as nice as Lovelorn but do not have the lustre consistency that Lovelorn has. Also, lovelorn sits well with my skin tone in particular.

My holy grail lipstick, I love and adore!

05 August, 2011

REVIEW: Illamasqua - Hussy

I recently purchased a new blush that has been known pretty much far and wide across the beauty community! All the reviews I read about Hussy blush from Illamasqua had great reviews and Make Up Alley users scoring it 5/5 etc with at least 15 people saying nothing but good things. When something sounds this good, usually it's hard to believe. But not only was I armed with cash, but also the desire compulsion to try out Illamasqua as a brand; I had never tried anything from them before.

The Brand/Background
Illamasqua are known for their highly pigmented products because they're a 'stage' make-up type brand. So before I bought this blush I already had this idea that their products would have a length lasting power; which is what everyone wants, don't they? I don't like the idea of touching up throughout the day (especially not blush)... so I thought what the heck and bought this product.

The juicy part:
This is the product in all it's glory (pictures ARE NOT doctored, so you can see original colour!). I usually apply this product with my travel size Chanel blush brush which is quite dense; I'm not sure it's the perfect brush for this blush but it gives the results that you see in the demo picture!

Here's how the blush performs on my skintone:

My opinion:
Do I like it? ... do I like it? I L-O-V-E it. Admist all the hyped products you see, this is one that I believe you should reach for if you're looking for the perfect coral/pink blush.
I have tried Coralista, Peachykeen etc all the C/P blushes under the sun but this one wins tenfold and is my HG. The lasting power of this blush is great, I'm not sure how many hours it wears for exactly (who times that kind of thing? >_>) but I know it lasts a mile longer than my MAC blushes or any other brand for that matter. Pigmentation is SUPERIOR to NARS, not even joking here, and we all know how amazing NARS' blushes are.

You know how you get an oily film over your MAC blushes after you've used them for a while? Well with this blush it is so pigmented you sweep your brush over the plan and you get power straight off with a light handed swipe so you don't rub your brush into the pan just to get colour out. With a light hand you get the EXACT result as you see in the above pictures.

I actually dare you to recommend me a pink/coral blush better than this.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
5/5 for me
Worth the hype.

04 August, 2011

Hi there ♥

Welcome to my blog. This is a whole new and surreal world to me! There's so many blogs to discover and people to meet, I'm excited to start off on this journey and make new friends. Let's see where this takes me.

I will cherish all the support I get! Please stick with me!

Much love!
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