21 March, 2012

Third Year of University (And general thoughts)...

This blog has been inactive for some time; and I realise how much I want to get it active; up and running so I can share everything with people out there so I can find myself again and talk with the world. I realised I want this blog to become more than just your bog-standard 'beauty blog'; I'm too much of a chatterbox and thinking for it to become all about the pretty and less about the thoughts behind me as a person.

Here I am finding comfort in my blog; the perils of third year university has finally kicked in and it's literally everything people say it is; not much of a life. It's scary how second to third year has jumped up a notch... people always go on about how 'GCSE' to 'A-Level' is such a huge jump and I didn't find it intimidating in the slightest (Mind you, I went to sixth form... maybe that had something to do with it). First to second year of university wasn't that bothersome for me either - I found first year quite challenging because I was doing a general business course (as a foundation for my degree) rather than 'marketing'... but I got there and I made it to third year!

I have about two months of University left and since 2012 I've had so much university work... I don't even realise that it's hit 2012 and I keep writing 2011 everywhere (when citing in my essays even!). Deadlines are all mushed together in third year and you HAVE to keep on top of your work otherwise you'll just break down and have too much to do... not even joking - but if you're a natural hard worker then it will be OK - you just realise that you need a wad of -post-it notes to organise your life and write a new 'To-Do' list everyday! I have a lot of junk of my wall but this is the cleared up ('ish) version:

Easter break is approaching and I'm looking forward to relaxing (for strictly a week only, of course). I think I need to keep blogging to make sure I give time for myself and spend time on this blog so I don't lose my sanity.


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