About Me

I love reading blogs. I always felt sad that I was always one of those people reading blogs but never had one herself. One of those people who would want to say something in a comment box but had so, so much more to say.

It's kind of funny if I look at it. If I take everything I learn from my business/marketing classes and study my own consumer habits, I could say that I am an addictive shopper and an advocate in all things relative to retail therapy. I study how retailers make things look so appealing to you in shops, the glossy mags, the dazzling packaging, and the lustful product waiting to be opened.
Yet I fall into their trap! This blog will see my great downfall but will give me the greatest pleasure on my quest to find the products and clothes I can't live without.

Above all, I hope that blogging will give me a greater reward in the form of learning more about myself. Maybe blogging will become therapeutic; who knows. :)
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